Trust and Obey

Words by the Rev. J. H. Sammis Music by D. D. Towner

"When we walk with the Lord,
In the light of his Word.”

“Some years ago, ”says Professor Towner, musical director of the Moody Bible Institute, ”Mr. Moody was conducting a series of meetings in Brockton, Massachusetts, and I had the pleasure of singing for him there. One night a young man rose in a testimony meeting and said, ' I am not quite sure—but I am going to trust, and I am going to obey.' I just jotted that sentence down, and sent it with the little story to the Rev. J. H. Sammis, a Presbyterian minister. He wrote the hymn, and the tune was born. The chorus,

'Trust and obey,
For there's no other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to trust and obey,'
was written before the hymn was."