There's a Light in the Valley

Words by P. P. Bliss Music by P. P. Bliss

“Through the valley of the shadow I must go,
Where the cold waves of Jordan roll.”

“Some years ago I was in the dark, ”a young lady of London told me, ”and was seeking the Lord day and night; but I could get no rest or peace for my soul. For two or three weeks the title of' There's a Light in the Valley ' kept ringing in my ears. I had never carefully read through the hymn, but in my constant pleadings with the Lord I always begged for this light of the valley to be given to me. And one night Christ gave the light I had been asking for. I cannot describe my joy when I could say, ' There is a light in the valley for me.' I scarcely slept that night, for the words would come to me again and again. It is now my privilege, sometimes, to help sing them for others, and then they seem to bring a fresh wave of my Saviour's love to me, as they did on that blessed night."