The Child of a King

Words by Hattie E. Buell Music by John B. Sumner

“My Father is rich in houses and lands.
He holdeth the wealth of the world in His hands!

Mr. Peter P. Bilhorn relates the following incident in connection with this hymn, which happened when he was engaged in evangelistic work among the cowboys in the West, in 1883.”We had started up the Missouri River for Bismarck, and on Sunday we stopped at a new town, named Blunt, to unload some freight. A crowd of men and boys came down to the wharf. I took my little organ, went on the wharf boat, and sang a few songs—among others the glorious hymn, ' I'm the child of a King.' I thought nothing more of the occasion until long afterward, when I sang the same song in Mr. Moody's church in Chicago. Then a man in the back part of the house arose, and said in a trembling voice: ' Two years ago I heard that song at Blunt, Dakota; I was then an unsaved man, but that song set me to thinking, and I decided to accept Christ, and I am now studying for the ministry.'"