Tell Me the Old, Old Story.

Words by Miss Kate Hankey Music by W. H. Doane

"Tell me the old, old story,
Of unseen things above."

This excellent hymn by Miss Hankey, of London, has been translated into many languages, and has been set to several tunes. Dr. Doane has this to say regarding the music by which it has become popular, and the occasion on which he composed it:”In 1867 I was attending the International Convention of the Young Men's Christian Association, in Montreal. Among those present was Major-General Russell, then in command of the English forces during the Fenian excitement. He arose in the meeting and recited the words of this song from a sheet of foolscap paper— tears streaming down his bronzed cheeks as he read. I wrote the music for the song one hot afternoon while on the stage-coach between the Glen Falls House and the Crawford House in the White Mountains. That evening we sung it in the parlors of the hotel. We thought it pretty, although we scarcely anticipated the popularity which was subsequently accorded it."