Shall You? Shall I?

Words by James McGranahan Music by James McGranahan

"Some one will enter the pearly gate
By and by, by and by.”

An active minister in the West in his boyhood attended our meetings in Madison Square Garden, and he says that his soul was thrilled by the singing there. He writes to me, also, of this personal experience: ”I was passing through a town where I was known. At the close of a service which I had attended the minister asked me to sing a solo. Picking up ' Gospel Hymns,' I sang,

'Some one will enter the pearly gate—
By and by, by and by. ...
Shall you? Shall I?'

“In the audience was a well-educated man, clearly under the influence of liquor. He afterward said that he forgot or failed to hear the very able sermon. But he heard the song; and for days after 'Shall you? Shall I?' kept ringing in his ears, until he finally had to give his heart to God. He is now a faithful minister in the Methodist church."