Ring the Bells of Heaven

Words by William O. Cushing Music by George F. Root

"Ring the bells of heaven I there is joy to-day
For a soul, returning from the wild.”

"'Ring the bells of heaven' was written,” says the author, ”to fit a beautiful tune sent me by George F. Root, entitled, ' The little Octoroon.' After receiving it, the melody ran in my head all day long, chiming and flowing in its sweet musical cadence. I wished greatly that I might secure the tune for work in the Sunday-school and for other Christian purposes. When I heard the bells of heaven ringing over some sinner that had returned, it seemed like a glad day in heaven. Then the words ' Ring the bells of heaven,' at once flowed down into the waiting melody. It was a beautiful and blessed experience, and the bells seem ringing yet."

A little girl in England, who was much beloved by her parents, was dying. She had been very fond of our hymns and would often speak of how much she loved them. A few days before she died she said to her mother: ”When I am gone, mother, will you ask the girls of the school to sing that hymn,

'Ring the bells of heaven! There is joy to-day,
For a soul returning from the wild;
See! the Father meets him out upon the way,
Welcoming His weary, wandering child!
Glory! glory! how the angels sing!
Glory! glory! how the loud harps ring!'"

Half an hour before her departure she exclaimed: ”Oh, mother, listen to the bells of heaven! they are ringing so beautifully!”