Only Trust Him

Words by J. H. S. Music by J. H. Stockton

“Come, every soul by sin oppressed
There's mercy with the Lord.”

While on the way to England with Mr. Moody in 1873, one day in mid-ocean, as I was looking over a list of hymns in my scrap-book, I noticed one commencing, ”Come every soul by sin oppressed, ”written by the Rev. John Stockton, with the familiar chorus,

“Come to Jesus,
Come to Jesus,
Come to Jesus just now.”

Believing that these words had been so often sung that they were hackneyed, I decided to change them and tell how to come to Jesus by substituting the words, ”Only trust him. ”In this form it was first published in ”Sacred Songs and Solos ”in London. While holding meetings in Her Majesty's Theater in Pall Mall, London, and singing this hymn, I thought I would change the chorus again, and asked the people to sing

“I will trust Him,
I will trust Him,
I will trust Him just now."

Then as we sang I decided to change it once more, and asked them to sing, ”I do trust him. ”God blessed this rendering of the hymn to eight persons present, who testified afterward that by the change they were led to accept salvation.

“I am much interested in sacred songs, ”writes a missionary in England, ”because it was the first verse of' Only trust Him ' that opened the door of my heart to let the Master into my soul in all his fullness. I was in the army, and found my way to the Woolwich Soldiers' Home, where I heard the Gospel; and for a fortnight I was groping in the dark for peace, when one evening I heard the singing of 'Only trust Him,' which brought light into my soul. I have ever since been happy, serving Him with my whole heart. I am now a missionary to my comrades."