Only a Step to Jesus

Words by Fanny J. Crosby Music by W. H. Doane

"Only a step to Jesus!
Then why not take it now?”

The editor of a religious periodical in the South sends me the following incident, which occurred while he was holding meetings in a small town: ”One night a prominent man of the county, not a Christian, was in town. Having heard of the fine singing, he went to the meeting for a few minutes to listen to a song or two. He heard only one song and then went away; but that song went with him. It was, ' Only a step to Jesus! Then why not take it now?' The words stayed with him, and were repeated over and over. They came back to him the next day, and awakened inquiry regarding him self which at last led him into repentance and a happy conversion. Many people wept as he related his experience before the church."