One more Day's Work for Jesus

Words by Miss Anna Warner Music by the Rev. Robert Lowry

“One more day's work for Jesus
One less of life for me.”

One day, while the children in a Mission Chapel were singing ”One more day's work for Jesus,” a woman passing by stopped outside to listen. She went home with these words fixed in her mind. The next day, as she was bending over the washtub, the words of the hymn came to her again and aroused the question, ”Have I ever done one day's work for Jesus in all my life? ”That marked the turning point. There and then she began to work for Christ. She washed the clothes for Jesus, cleaned the house for Jesus, administered the needs of her family for Jesus. A new light came into her life; and at the close of that day she could sing with a different feeling and a new enthusiasm:

"One more day's work for Jesus;
How sweet the work has been.”