Oh, to be Nothing

Words by Georgiana M. Taylor Music by R. G. Halls. Arr. by P. P. Bliss

“Oh, to be nothing, nothing,
Only to lie at His feet.”

Miss Taylor writes me: ”The idea for the hymn came into my mind through reading the expression, ' Oh, to be nothing,' in a volume of an old magazine. I think it occurred in an anecdote about an aged Christian worker. At all events the words haunted me; I mused on their meaning, and the hymn was the outcome." Some one has misinterpreted the true meaning of the hymn, and has written another entitled, ”Oh, to be something.” But it is not in accordance with the Master, who made himself nothing; nor is it in the spirit of the text which says that he that abaseth himself shall in due time be exalted.

This hymn was much used as a solo in our meetings in Great Britain.