Not Half has ever been Told

Words by the Rev. J. B. Atchinson Music by O. F. Presbrey

"I have read of a beautiful city,
Far away in the kingdom of God.”

“A young skeptic in Ohio,” writes Dr. O. F. Presbrey, ”was wasting away with consumption. His family were greatly distressed, for nothing seemed to awaken in him an interest regarding his soul. One day, as he lay on the sofa, his sister, sitting at the organ, sang,' Not half has ever been told.' He seemed much affected and said, ' Oh, sister, sing that hymn again, I never had anything touch my heart like that before.' The hymn was sung again, and day by day he listened to it. Within two months his spirit took its flight, singing as it went,

'Not half of that city's bright glory,
To mortals has ever been told.'

A clergyman had a son who was sent up into the north woods of Canada in search of health. . After a few weeks his father was summoned, and found him in a dying condition. On the evening before his death they sang together ”Not half has ever been told. ”The father says that he can never forget the joy and peace which filled the soul of his dying boy as they sang of that beautiful city of which he was so soon to be an inhabitant.