My Prayer

Words by P. P. Bliss Music by P. P. Bliss

"More holiness give me.
More strivings within.”

This hymn, perhaps one of the most beautiful of all his compositions, was written by Mr. Bliss, 1873, after he had given up his musical convention work entirely and entered fully upon his lifework for the Master. It seems that it was only after he had given up everything and committed himself and all his gifts to the Lord's service, that he was enabled to write such a hymn as this.

Bliss called the hymn ”My Prayer,” but thousands in every Christian land have made it their prayer as well, and it will continue to voice a heartfelt want of millions in years to come;

The hymn was a special favorite with Mr. Moody, and was often quoted by him as a hymn that would live in the church of God, while the children of God continue to call upon his name in prayer.