My Mother's Prayer

Words by T. C. O'Kane Music by T. C. O'Kane

"As I wandered round the homestead,
Many a dear familiar spot.”

“My Mother's Prayer” was sung at nearly all our temperance meetings, both in England and America, and many souls were led to Christ by the tender memories awakened by this hymn. It was first published by Philip Phillips, in his book, ”Dew Drops.” A minister writes the following:

“What our mothers sang to us when they put us to sleep is singing yet. We may have forgotten the words; but they went into the fiber of our soul, and will forever be a part of it. It is not so much what you formally teach your children as what you sing to them. A hymn has wings and can fly every whither. One hundred and fifty years after you are dead, and ' Old Mortality' has worn out his chisel in re-cutting your name on the tombstone, your great grandchildren will be singing the song which this afternoon you sing to your little ones gathered about your knee. There is a place in Switzerland where, if you distinctly utter your voice, there come back ten or fifteen echoes, and every Christian song sung by a mother in the ear of her child shall have ten thousand echoes coming back from all the gates of heaven. Oh, if mothers only knew the power of this sacred spell, how much oftener the little ones would be gathered, and all our homes would chime with the songs of Jesus!”