Let the Saviour in

Words by J. B. Atchinson . Music by E. O. Excell

"There's a Stranger at the door;
Let Him in!”

In Great Britain this favorite hymn brought blessing to a retired colonel of the English army, at one of Mr. Moody's meetings on the banks of the Thames. The colonel had become anxious about his spiritual condition, and decided to go to London to attend our meetings there. At the conclusion of one of the evening services, as he was about to leave the great building, his attention was arrested by a sweet voice singing, ”Let the Saviour in. ”On taking the train at Paddington station for Bournemouth, the song remained in his heart and the wheels of the train seemed to repeat in his ears the refrain, ”Let him in! let the Saviour in!”

He went again to London and sought out the singer whose voice had so impressed him. She was a lady of high rank, and in the course of a few months became the wife of the gallant colonel. A year later they moved to Florida, where I had the pleasure of visiting them in their home. On my invitation, they accompanied me to a near-by town where I was holding meetings. At the conclusion of my lecture tire lady sang this hymn again, and so sweetly that it moved the audience to tears.