Jesus, I Will Trust Thee

Words by Mary J. Walker Music by Ira D. Sankey

"Jesus, I will trust Thee,
Trust Thee with my soul.

Major Whittle gives an example of this hymn's usefulness, out of many instances: I was holding meetings in Belfast. At one of the after-meetings I noticed a man remaining behind when almost all the others had gone. I spoke to him and found that he was a merchant in the city. He was in much distress about his sins. I showed him Christ the Saviour, who died for sinners, and tried to get him to appropriate that Saviour to himself. I saw there was a great struggle going on in his soul, the powers for good and evil evidently striving for the mastery. We went down on our knees and prayed. Then after a while he straightened himself up and gave vent to his feeling's in this hymn, for he was a capital singer:

'Jesus, I will trust Thee,

Trust Thee with my soul;
Guilty, lost, and helpless,
Thou canst make me whole.'

It was a song of victory over Satan, and a song of praise to Christ, through whom he had conquered. From that hour he has done splendid work for Christ among the worst of men."