I'll Go Where Thou Would'st I Should Go

Words by Mary Brown Music by Carrie E. Rounsefell

“It may not be on the mountain's height,
Or over the stormy sea.”

This well-known missionary and consecration hymn was adopted by a class of over a hundred missionary nurses at the Battle Creek (Michigan) Sanitarium as their class hymn. Every Sunday afternoon they would gather for a social meeting and always sing,” I'll go where Thou would'st I should go, dear Lord,” which they called ”their hymn. ”In this class were students from nearly every State of the Union, from Australia, South Africa, South America, Bulgaria, Armenia, and nearly all the European countries. At the close of the course they agreed that after they had parted and gone to their different fields, they would sing this hymn every Sunday afternoon as they had done during their happy class-days.