Hiding in Thee

Word, by William O. Cushing Music by Irk D. Sankey

"O safe to the Rock that is higher than I,
My soul in its conflicts and sorrows would fly.”

"'Hiding in Thee 'was written in Moravia, New York, in 1876,”writes Mr. Cushing.” It must be said of this hymn that it was the outgrowth of many tears, many heart-conflicts and soul-yearnings, of which the world can know nothing. The history of many battles is behind it. But the occasion which gave it being was the call of Mr. Sankey. He said:' Send me something new to help me in my Gospel work.' A call from such a source, and for such a purpose, seemed a call from God. I so regarded it, and prayed: ' Lord, give me something that may glorify Thee.' It was while thus waiting that ' Hiding in Thee' pressed to make itself known. Mr. Sankey called forth the tune, and by his genius gave the hymn wings, making it useful in the Master's work."