Hear the Call

Words by W. F. Sherwin Music by W. F. Sherwin

"Lo! the day of God is breaking;
See the gleaming from afar!

Mr. Sherwin was of great assistance in our meetings in Boston in 1876. Early in his life Mr. Sherwin manifested decided musical abilities, but being a poor boy, he had to struggle hard to obtain the instruction he so much desired. However, at the age of fifteen he was the leader of a large chorus choir. At twenty-five he was well-known at New England musical conventions. He was brought up a Congregationalist, but while having charge of the music in a Baptist church in Albany, he adopted that denomination. He was an ardent Sunday-school worker, and had part in the preparation of many hymn and song books for use in Sunday-schools and in the temperance work. He was born in Buckland, Mass., March 14, 1826, and died at his home in Dorchester, Mass., April 14, 1888.