Words by Frances R. Havergal Music by W. A. Mozart.

Arr. by H. P. Main

"Take my life, and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.”

One of the finest consecration hymns in the world, this is a great favorite of the Christian Endeavor Society. Miss Havergal told me of its origin, while we were seated in her home in South Wales. She had gone to London for a visit of five days. There were ten persons in the family she visited, most of them unconverted. She prayed to God to give her all in the house, and before leaving everyone had received a blessing. The last night of her visit, after she had retired, the governess told her that the two daughters wished to see her. They were much troubled over their spiritual condition and were weeping, but Miss Havergal was able to show them the way of life, and they were both joyfully converted that night. She was too happy to sleep, she said, but spent most of the night in praise and renewal of her own consecration; and that night the words of this hymn formed themselves in her mind. In 1879, shortly before her death, I gave a number of Bible-readings in Miss Havergal's home, when she told me the very interesting story of her life. A few years later I met Miss Havergal's sister again under somewhat amusing conditions. I was traveling in Switzerland. While looking through a large music establishment I found quite a number of music boxes, which played several of the ”Moody and Sankey” hymns. I asked the proprietor if these boxes had much of a sale. He said they had, though he did not think much of the tunes they played. Beside me was standing a lady, also looking at the music boxes. She proved to be Miss Havergal's sister. As she turned around and saw me, she threw up her hands and said in a clear voice, ”Oh, Mr. Sankey, is that you?” The proprietor proceeded to make profound apologies and, selecting one of his best boxes, he presented it to me.