Come, Great Deliverer, Come

Words by Fanny J. Crosby Music by W. H. Doane

"O hear my cry, be gracious now to me,
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.”

"A short time ago, about twelve o'clock one frosty Saturday night, when the keen winter wind was driving all indoors who had a home, a poor woman, in utter misery and despair, was pacing up and down along the Thames, ”writes a friend in England. ”She had wandered into a mission hall during the evening and had restlessly come out, carrying no remembrance of anything that had been said; but these lines from a hymn still sounded in her ears:

'I've wandered far away o'er mountains cold,
I've wandered far away from home;
O take me now, and bring me to Thy fold.
Come, Great Deliv'rer, come.”

"She cried aloud: ' But there is no deliverer for me.' Very soon she was met by some Christian workers, who were spending the night in seeking to gather in such outcasts as she. They took her to a home. The human tenderness revealed to her the divine love. If strangers had thus received her and cared for her, would not her Heavenly Father, whose love she had heard of, take her? Thus she was led to the feet of Jesus, and to find that her sins were many and all forgiven. She said: ' Things since then have been up and down with me, but I have never lost the peace I found that morning.'"