Come Believing

Words by D. W. Whittle ("El. Nathan”) Music by James McGranahan

“Once again the Gospel message
From the Saviour you have heard.”

A lawyer from the West sank so low as to become a tramp in the streets of New York. He was fifty-four years old and a homeless, penniless wretch. As he stumbled by the Florence Mission one night the windows were open and he stopped a moment to listen to the singing. They sang:

"Once again the Gospel message
From the Saviour you have heard;
Will you heed the invitation?
Will you turn and seek the Lord?”

It came like the voice of God to him. His early training had been Christian, and he thought he would go in. He did so, and as he took his seat they were singing the second verse:

"Many summers you have wasted,

Ripened harvests you have seen;
Winter snows by spring have melted,
Yet you linger in your sin."

He realized that this was a truthful picture of his own life, and listened to the third verse, ending:
"While the Spirit now is striving,
Yield, and seek the Saviour's side.”

Deeply convicted, he jumped to his feet and said, ”I will yield, I will seek the Saviour's side. ”He was converted, and attended the meetings regularly. He secured good employment, wrote to his family, and becoming reconciled to his wife and children, he returned West to the old home, where he lived as an earnest Christian.