Beautiful Valley of Eden

Words by the Rev. W. O. Cushing Music by William F. Sherwin
"Beautiful valley of Eden!
Sweet is thy noon-tide calm.”

"One day in 1875 I was reaching up for a blessing, ”says the author of these words,” when suddenly there came down upon my heart a vision of the heavenly country. I seemed to look down upon a river that like a mighty tide rolled beneath me. Across, on the other side of this river, I saw an enchanted land; its hills and valleys were sleeping in a heavenly calm. It was more beautiful than words can tell, and my heart seemed to be there. As I gazed on the scene, there came to my lips the words, ' Beautiful valley of Eden.' The vision remained until I had written down the hymn; then it gradually faded from my sight. But I want to say that the beauty of the hymn is largely due to Mr. Sherwin, who, by his rich melody, has reached a deeper chord than any mere words could ever have reached."