A Sinner Forgiven

Words by Jeremiah J. Callahan Music by I. B. Woodbury

“To the hall of the feast came the sinful and fair;
She heard in the city that Jesus was there.

"Mr. F. Markham, connected with a large and well-known piano factory, was leading an ungodly and heedless life,” says a London periodical.” One day he saw an announcement that Moody and Sankey were to open a mission at St. Pancras that evening. Instantly he resolved to go and hear the singing. He and a companion reached the hall in good time, as they thought, only to find it crowded to the doors. An overflow meeting was announced at a neighboring church, and thither they went. By and by Mr. Sankey sang 'To the hall of the feast came the sinful and fair.' As Markham listened, his past life seemed to rise before him; the tears rushed into his eyes; his heart seemed broken. Coming out, he asked his companion what he thought of it. ' Oh,' was the careless reply, ' he is a nice singer.' ' Is that all? It has broken my heart.' Ere long he could say, in the words of the song, 'He looked on his lost one; my sins are forgiven.' When he got home his wife was amazed at what had come over him, and could not make out where he had been. She had been converted years before, but had backslidden. She accompanied him to the mission on the following evening, and was happily received. The man became a Christian worker, and is the founder and superintendent of the Tahhall Road Factory Lads' Home and Institution.