Are You Coming Home To-night?

WORDS by C. C. Music by James McGranahan

"Are you coining Home, ye wand'rers Whom Jesus died to win?”

A wild young soldier was induced to attend a Gospel meeting in London. As he entered, the congregation was singing ”Are you coming Home to-night?”The song made a deep impression upon him. He came back the next night, and he continued to attend until he was saved. ”I had to come,”he said; ”that hymn would not let me stay away. I could not sleep at night. All night long that question of the song, both in the words and music, kept returning to me, demanding an answer: ' Are you coming Home tonight?'"

The original of this hymn was written by a young lady in Scotland, who signed herself ”C. C.” Falling into Mr. McGranahan's hands, he arranged the poem somewhat differently, and set the words to music. The song has brought blessing to many.