All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

Words by E. Perronet Music by Oliver Holden

"All hail the power of Jesus' name I
Let angels prostrate fall.”

A man in England, who had been a happy Christian, began gradually to lose his faith, and at last boldly avowed the infidelity that had for a long time been quietly slumbering within. To his wife, who still loved and clung to the Saviour, this was indeed a blow, and her heart was torn at the thought that one she tenderly loved, and with whom she had often held sweet counsel, should now turn from the truth she held to be priceless, and overturn the faith he once sought to uphold. The husband was soon taken very sick, and it was evident to the anxious wife that the sickness was unto death. She pleaded with and for the dying one that he might again confess Christ, in whom he had once been so happy, but no relief came to her distressed soul. One day the dying man was heard to utter a faint cry, and his wife caught the words, ”Bring, bring.” Thinking that he desired a cooling drink, she brought him what she supposed he wanted, but he waved his hand, and again uttered the words, ”Bring, bring. ”The wife was at a loss to understand what could be the meaning, when he, with a final struggle, as if he had gathered all the remaining energy into one last effort, exclaimed:

"Bring forth the royal diadem
And crown him Lord of all.”

And he departed to join that company that wait that morning when the redeemed shall be gathered in.