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A. B. Earle - Famous Spirit filled evangelist who led hundreds of thousands to Jesus.
Dr. Adoniram Judson Gordon - One of the most famous Spirit-filled ministers of 19th century.
Billy Bray, the famous Cornish miner, perhaps one of the quaintest vessels ever used of God to accomplish a great work of any kind
Charles Finey - The man God used to turn a nation. One of the greatest evangelists sinces the days of the apostles
Christmas Evans - One eyed Welch preacher who was mightly anointed of God
D. L. Moody - undoubtedly one of the greatest evangelists of all time
Elder Jacom Knapp - Tremendous man of God who led so many to Jesus he stopped counting after a hundred thousand
Frances Ridley Havergal - Writer of many important hymns and books
General William Booth - founder and head of the Salvation Army
George Fox - found of the the Quakers
George Muller - one of the greatest men of prayer known to history
George Whitefield - prince of open-air preachers
Girolamo Savonarola - one of the greatest reformers, preachers, prophets, politicians, and philosophers
John Bunyan - An an illiterate tinker who wrote one of the most important Christian books of all time -- Pilgrim's Progress
John Fletcher - A life of true holiness and commitment to God
John Wesley - Founder of the Methodist church and one of the greatest influences on Christianity since the days of the apostles.
Lorenzo Dow - traveled the world on foot and on horseback, preached the Gospel to tens of thousands and won multitudes to Jesus
Peter Cartwright - one of the principal agents used of God in the great revival near the beginning of the nineteenth century